About Katie

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, 2012


I’m Katie, and I have traveled to I have traveled to 17 countries on six continents, including Antarctica. I spent two summers in Russia and lived in Uganda for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. This year I hope to travel to Australia and New Zealand, which will make seven continents, and then to India in the beginning of 2019. When I was younger, I never imagined myself traveling abroad, but once I started I was hooked, and it has changed my life in so many great ways. With the Autistic Travel Coach, I want to help other Aspies find their travel style. It doesn’t have to be that far outside your comfort zone, despite what others may tell you.

I am also the founder & CEO of Oswald Consulting. We work with nonprofits and social enterprises to help achieve their mission through strategic fundraising efforts, program evaluation, and capacity building.

Please reach out at AutisticTravelCoach@gmail.com if you are interested in travel and are not sure how to start. I can help you!