How the Autistic Travel Coach will help you

Travel is therapeutic and can transform your life!

I used to be isolated, depressed, and living my life without purpose. Now I’m a confident, independent, and successful entrepreneur, not to mention a happy autistic adult. Travel helped me open my heart and mind not only to others, but to life’s limitless possibilities and my own potential.

Here are a few examples of how travel has shaped my life. 

Living with a family in Volgograd, Russia, who spoke no English helped me learn to read visual cues and facial expressions more easily and helped me become more self-reliant.

Me with Russian colleagues in Moscow

Climbing a mountain in the Andes all the way up to the snow cap, hanging out in a glacier cave, and getting stuck in a hail storm out in the elements so high above sea level built my confidence, especially in my ability to cope.

A quick lunch before the storm rolls in
Inside the glacier cave, Patagonia

Joining the Peace Corps and managing my own household in a rural village in Uganda was the ultimate test of my independence, coping skills, and survival skills.

neighbor kids having fun with pink bubble wrap on my porch
Neighbor kids having fun with pink bubble wrap on my porch, Kiziranfumbi, Uganda
an evening in my village, taken from my front porch
An evening in my village, Kiziranfumbi, taken from my front porch

All of these experiences and so many more have combined to make me the strong woman I am today.

You can reach your life goals, too! Whether you want more confidence, greater independence, improved coping skills, or any number of other personal growth goals you may have, travel will help you achieve them.

As the Autistic Travel Coach I will guide you through setting your goals and designing your next trip intentionally to make progress on your own personal growth goals.

Where you go does make a difference! If you are working on mindfulness, a camping trip in nature might be best. If you want to practice patience, a trip to an underdeveloped country can work wonders.

When you  hire The Autistic Travel Coach  I help you make the best choices for your destination, like how you will get there, what types of activities to engage in while you are there, how long to stay, and any other important details of your trip.

I provide advocacy when you need it, whether it is calling TSA Cares and your airline on your behalf or making requests from your other travel service providers, I will be there to help you in this journey.

Airports are a common challenge for autistic people. There may be programs you can take advantage ahead of time at your airport so you know what to expect. If you live in the states, TSA Cares can tell you what accommodations are available for getting through security at your departure airport. Airlines all have different accommodations they make for autistic travelers, so it’s important to call them in advance, as well.

If the idea of making all these phone calls makes you want to hide in a cave somewhere, you can hire me to make them on your behalf. In fact, I can advocate for you with any of your travel service providers!

Whether you need a little guidance on planning your trip or you hire me to plan and book the entire trip for you, we will work together to create the best experience for your needs.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to find out if hiring me as your travel coach is the right choice for you. We will discuss your needs, your travel experience and future plans, and cover any questions or concerns you may have.

Schedule your free consultation today! You can schedule a time that works for you at my Calendly link or email me at I look forward to helping you transform your life through travel!!